Grand Campment Bay to Hwy 63 Thorne

Nastawgan Trails

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Access from Hwy11, Rabbit Lake Bush Road:  This bush road spans 41 km from the Hwy 11 provincial roadway to the OTHT trail access parking spot near Owain creek. Four-wheel drive vehicles are advised to drive the bush road and verification of the road condition is strongly advised.  Outfitter shuttles are also an option.
Access from Hwy 63:  The southernmost point of the OTHT is reached at Thorne, Ontario at the village nursing station or driving Mcclarens Bay Road. Highway 63 runs from Thorne to North Bay, Ontario. 

This section extensively parallels Lake Temiskaming.  The alternate path of the Porcupine creek canyon is worthy to take in at some point.  The Ottertail creek fording bears consideration, depending on the time of year or periods of heavy rainfall.  Verification of conditions is suggested before your hike.


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56 km main trail