The Gauntlet is thrown down.... 

Ottawa Temiskaming Highland Trail End to End Badge Award


The OTHT End to End Badge is available to any hiker who has completed the entire 142 km length of the main trail between the southern access point at the Nurse's Station in the Village of Thorne to the northern trailhead in Latchford. This can be done in one continuous through hike or in separate sectional hikes between access points. It doesn't matter which direction you choose. There is no time limit. The main trail is defined by OTHT hiker signs and white painted tree blazes. Side or loop trails, defined by blue painted blazes, are not a part of and do not constitute any part of the badge requirement.


Selfies or group photographs, taken at access points, your campsites and trail highlights between each of the access points, posted online, are the best proof of completion. You may also be asked some questions about your trail experience. Some significant trail features (south to north) are the Porcupine Canyon Lookout, Opimica Narrows, Two Gulls Lookout, Ottertail Falls, Dead Birch Lookout, Grand Campment Bay, The Perch Lookout, Guiding Spirit Lookout, Fourbass Lake Lookout, Wolf Lookout, The Crevasse, Hearst Falls and the Bay Lake Lookout.

Record Attempt:

The current end to end continuous through hike quickest time is 46 hr & 47 min. The quickest total time for separate collective hikes is 38 hr. If you wish to make a record attempt please contact us ahead of time so we can set up verification.


To request your End to End Badge contact . This is also a source for trail information.


Each OTHT End to End Badge can be acquired by making a $20 donation to Nastawgan Trails. This can be done by selecting the badge below. This link will also gather your contact information so that your badge can be mailed, or given to you, once your completion has been verified.